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How to issue an offer in less than a minute
Creating additional user fields
Data import from external database

Are your customers waiting for their offer and time is running out?
Do complex calculations cause you headaches?

Don’t delay – create your offers in TILIGO

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Professional program to create offers

TILIGO is a universal application allowing you to rapidly create basic or complex commercial offers depending on your needs.

The program contains features to manage parts, goods, services or sets of these components as well as a database for suppliers and customers. Thanks to this we have the possibility to quickly create detailed calculations and generate offers in a friendly form to the customer. In case of an order we can generate a shopping list and an order to the suppliers from the same offer.

TILIGO can be installed as a single or multi user workstation version working within the network. 


Choose the best version of TILIGO for you:




TILIGO Basic Start
(price for single workstation – first year of license)
The Basic version is used for quick creation of offers, made up of simple components, product storage and service database.

  • Data import from external database
  • Product and services database
  • Contractor database
  • Adding offer positions by the drag and drop method
  • Quick printout of professional offert



(without taxes)



TILIGO Premium Start
(Price for single workstation – first year of license)

The Premium version has all Basic version features and enables you to create and use product and services list, alternatives lists, templates, offer additional fields printout, two independent departments with products and offer database.

  • Creating and using products and services sets
  • Alternatives lists with quick-choice options while creating offers
  • Complex calculations with parameterization
  • Free choice of additional user fields describing the product
  • Import images to external database
  • Possibility of splitting products and offers database into two independent sections
  • Possibility of using parameters in the product and set names


(without taxes)




TILIGO Basic Extension
(price for single workstation – license extension)


(without taxes)

TILIGO Premium Extension
(price for single workstation – license extension)


(without taxes)



TILIGO Upgrade
from Basic to Premium

(price for single workstation – activation of the Premium module with 1 year license extension)


(without taxes)