Tiligo Premium Start

$193.00 (+23% VAT)

TILIGO Premium is a full program version which enables you to create complex offers with the use products, offers and other sets. The Premium version enables you to add calculations and relations of the offer components and create sets which contain alternative components, which maximally automatize the process after being configured and shortens the time of adding products in different versions to the offer.


(price for single  workstation – first year of license)

Licensing TILIGO is based on buying one year licenses. A one year TILIGO Premium start license has to be purchased for every new workstation on which TILIGO Premium will be used. The license is active for one year starting from the activation of the license key (the key is activated automatically after entering it to the program). After finishing the first step in order to continue the work with TILIGO you need to buy a renewal key. A one year license extension can be bought in the shop (see offer)