Tiligo Basic Start

$78.00 (+23% VAT)

TILIGO Basic is used for quick offer creation, built from simple components, stored in the products and services database



(price for single workstation – first year of license)

Note: Existing users who want to extend the license for another period should buy TILIGO Basic Extension or TILIGO Premium Extension products.
The Basic version is used for quick creation of offers, made of simple components, stored in the products and services database.

Chosen features in the Basic version:
• Data import from the external database
• Products and services database
• Contractor database
• Add offer positions by the drag and drop method
• Quick printout of professional offers
A one year start license of TILIGO Standard has to be purchased for every new workstation on which the TILIGO Standard version will be used. The license is active for one year starting from the activation of the license key (the key is activated automatically after entering it to the program). After finishing the first step in order to continue the work with TILIGO you need to buy a renewal key. A one year license extension can be bought in the shop (see offer)